LB950 High-pressure Water Pump Flushing Brush

      |      2020-10-20 10:41:56
The product is composed of high-pressure water pump, water pipe, flushing brush, brush rod, etc. The water is pressurized by the high-pressure water pump, and the water is delivered to the roof photovoltaic panel or other photovoltaic components through the water pipe. The construction staff pushes the brush rod to clean the dust on the surface of the module under the hydraulic scouring.
The cleaning brush is suitable for the cleaning of distributed photovoltaic power stations on the roof. Considering the height of the roof, the high-pressure water pump generates water pressure of more than 100KG, which is delivered to the work site through the water pipe. The device requires several people to cooperate and operate, and the cleaning efficiency of each brush can reach 0.8-1.3MW per day.