LB9401 Portable Electric Cleaning Brush

      |      2020-10-20 10:44:24
The LB9401 electric cleaning roller brush developed by Shanghai Leadbell New Energy Company is driven by a 48V DC motor. The operator can hold the brush lever and push the roller brush to move freely on the surface of the photovoltaic module. The high-speed rotating roller brush will Sweep away the dust.
It can be driven by a battery or a light generator. It can also be directly connected to 220V alternating current, which is converted into 48V direct current through a transformer, and then the motor is driven. The brush rod is made of carbon fiber material, which can be extended to 6 to 8 meters, and can clean a large area of photovoltaic modules. The brush head can be connected to a water pipe to achieve spray cleaning, or it can be connected to a water pipe to achieve waterless cleaning.
It is flexible to operate, portable and easy to use, suitable for any form of photovoltaic power station. This cleaning brush can be used whether it is a small family photovoltaic power station or a large ground photovoltaic power station.

Product Composition

Cleaning Process

1. First connect the brush rod to reach the desired length.

2. Connect the water supply pipe (when washing is required)

3. Connect the power cord

4. Turn on the power supply and water pump and start cleaning

1. The weight of the brush head is 8.2 Kg. The weight of the brush head can ensure that the photovoltaic module can be pressed tightly to produce good friction and avoid slipping.
2. If the water pipe is connected for cleaning, the water sprayed from the water pipe will be used as a cleaning fluid, which will flush the dust with the rotation of the roller brush, making the surface of the component cleaner. Because the roller brush rotates outwards when it works, sewage will not splash to the operator's side.
3. As the waterproof motor is adopted and the heat dissipation problem of the motor is solved, the cleaning brush can work continuously for more than 2 hours.

Power supply
LB9401 cleaning brush is equipped with a power control box, built-in AC to direct switching power supply. Therefore, 220V alternating current, or 220V alternating current generated by a light generator, can be used as the input end of the switching power supply. Of course, you can also directly install a 48V battery to power the motor; in this case, you need to replace the battery every few hours.
The maximum power of the motor is 500W. Therefore, the input current must meet the needs of the motor. If a light generator is used for power supply, the generator power should preferably be greater than 1000W in order to provide enough current to drive the motor.

Extension brush rod

The brush rod of the cleaning brush is made of carbon fiber material, which is light and rigid. Each brush rod is 1.7 meters long, and the length of the brush rods between the brush rods is 1.7 meters, which can be cascaded through a locking device.
When two brush rods are connected, just insert the small end of one brush rod into the big end of the other brush rod, and then lock the lock. Up to 3-4 brush rods can be cascaded. Too long brush rods will lack rigidity and easily deform. Up to 4 brush rods can be connected to affect operation.

Connect the water pipe

The water spray horizontal tube can be fixed on the brush head and locked with a buckle. The length of the spray pipe is the same as the length of the brush head. The water supply pipe and the water spray horizontal pipe are connected by a snap-type quick connector for easy disassembly. The water pipe is connected to the water pump. The pump pressure is adjusted to a suitable value according to the height of the head.

1. Using nylon brush, wear-resistant and tough, can deep clean the dust on the surface of the photovoltaic panel without damaging the surface of the module. Stubborn stains such as bird droppings can also be easily removed.
2. It can be cleaned with water spray or without water, and it can be freely selected according to the site conditions of the photovoltaic power station.
3. Very water-saving, no requirement for water pressure, water consumption is only 5-7L/min, which is a relatively water-saving cleaning brush.
4. Using carbon fiber brush rod, multiple cascades can be used, which greatly extends the length of the brush rod, the longest can reach more than 10m.
5. The cleaning efficiency is high. Two people operate a cleaning brush and work for 10 hours a day, which can clean photovoltaic modules above 0.4-0. 6MW (for 16 50*992mm standard modules).
6. The weight of the roller brush is only about 8KG, and its own weight can compress the surface of the component, and it is convenient for the user to operate.
7. It can be directly connected to 220V AC, or it can be powered by a battery, or it can be powered by a gasoline generator.
Technical Parameters
Brush weight 8kg
Brush length 600mm
Brush head diameter 150mm
Length of single brush rod 1.7m
Brush rod material Carbon fiber
Gasoline generator power >1000W
DC motor power 500W
DC power supply output voltage 48VDC
Diameter of spray pipe Ø10
Pump power >400W
Pump H 30m