LB920 Semi-automatic Cleaning Robort

      |      2020-10-20 11:27:39
The LB920 semi-automatic cleaning robort is also a modified product of the LB910 automatic sweeper. It is powered by 220VAC or a light gasoline generator. When working, the same string is relatively neat, so when cleaning the string, use this sweeper. When crossing between different strings, because there is no bridge guide, it needs to be moved manually, so it is called a semi-automatic sweeper.
The roller brush of this product is driven by a motor. When walking horizontally, the sweeper can be manually driven, or it can be driven by a motor. For elevated photovoltaic power plants, the sweeper can be placed on the array, and the operation of the machine can be commanded by remote control.
The machine is composed of two parts: the main body of the cleaning machine and the external power supply module.