LB910-B Walking Cleaning Robort Between Boards

      |      2020-10-20 11:28:52
The LB910-B cleaning robort is actually a deformed application of the LB910 fully automatic cleaning robot. It is suitable for large-area photovoltaic power stations. For example, the width of the photovoltaic array is large and the automatic cleaning robot is installed. The length of the robot is greater than 10 meters and it is not easy to drive. ; If the cleaning brush is manually cleaned, and there is no too long cleaning brush protruding, then it is necessary to use a walking robot between the boards.
The robot can walk along the gap between the components, as long as the gap is relatively neat, the robot can pass. If you use it for manual cleaning, you need to replace the battery every certain period of time, or use other power supply methods (such as 220VAC city power, or use light gasoline generators). After cleaning an array, manually move to another array for cleaning.