PV Power Station Weeding

      |      2020-11-11 10:05:51
Another important operation and maintenance task faced by mountain power stations and flat power stations is weeding. Weeds not only affect the ventilation of the power station, but also have hidden fire hazards, so we must be weeded every year.
When the temperature is low, the power generation of photovoltaic modules will increase (temperature affects the power generation efficiency of the modules by more than 15%). If the power station is overgrown with weeds and poor ventilation, the temperature around the photovoltaic panels will be high and affect the power generation of the modules. In addition, weeds higher than the module will cast shadows on the surface of the module, causing hot spots on the module. Therefore, weeds need to be removed in time in summer. In winter, if there are too many weeds in the power station, it may cause fires, especially if there are graves in the power station. Every winter solstice or Qingming Festival, nearby villagers go to the graves to burn paper, which is very easy to cause fires. Therefore, the fire-fighting level weeding in winter is particularly important, which is an important part of the safe operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants. Since 2016, our company has been weeding many mountain power stations, and has accumulated rich experience in weeding. When to organize weeding, how to organize construction, how to divide fire barriers, how to quickly weed, and how to remove weeds. It has formed a wealth of experience and can provide weeding solutions for many power stations.

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