PV Components Cleaning

      |      2020-11-11 10:06:05
Photovoltaic components cleaning is an important part of the operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants. It can not only reduce the impact of dust accumulation on the power generation of the modules, but also avoid hot spots on the surface of the modules due to uneven dust distribution, thereby extending the service life of the modules.
The impact of dust accumulation on the power generation of the module can reach more than 40%. Through long-term practice, we have found that the effective time of cleaning the dust once can only be maintained for 15-30 days. If you want to continuously increase the power generation of photovoltaic power plants, you must clean it frequently. However, too frequent cleaning will increase cleaning costs. Therefore, power plant managers need to find a balance, that is, how many times a year and when to clean, can the best economic performance be achieved.
Our company has been focusing on the research and development of cleaning tools, and tried every means to improve cleaning efficiency and reduce cleaning costs. The LB910 fully automatic cleaning robot can only be applied to power stations with neat arrays, such as rooftop distributed power stations, agricultural and light complementary power stations, fishing and light complementary power stations, and flat-ground power stations with some neatly arranged components. For mountain power stations and hilly power stations, only Manual cleaning can be used. Our company's LB920 semi-automatic cleaning machine, LB9401 portable electric cleaning brush, and LB950 high-pressure water pump driven flushing brush serve these manual cleaning power stations.
Our company has been involved in component cleaning services since 2016. It not only has the ability to develop various cleaning tools, but also has accumulated rich practical experience. It has also trained a hard-working and efficient cleaning team. We are also the current mainstream and regular components in China. The cleaning company will continue to undertake the cleaning business of various power station components in the future.